Item Instructions

  1. Clean and dry the area decal will be applied.
  2. Remove the paper backing slowly making sure the decal stays adhered to the transparent transfer tape.
  3. Carefully position the decal to the desired area. Once the decal sticks it will be nearly impossible to move. Rub the decal from one side to the other, eliminating any air bubbles.
  4. Use a hard edged object like a credit card to make sure the entire decal is fully adhered to the surface.
  5. Slowly remove the transfer tape at a 45 degree angle. You may need to hold the vinyl down with one hand while slowly peeling/rolling the transfer tape off with the other.

  • Items are handmade. I do my best to ensure they are close to perfect as can be. Please be advised that imperfections are possible such as color and where the seam meets on certain tumblers.
  • These items are made with sublimation ink. Meaning they will not peel off and they are NOT made with epoxy. No two items will be exactly alike as they are handmade.
Steel Tumblers:
-Do not microwave
-Hot and cold liquids OK
-Dishwasher safe (prefer wash by hand)

Ceramic Mugs:
- Microwave safe
- Hot and cold liquids OK
- Dishwasher safe (prefer wash by hand)

  • Cold wash is recommended, and dry. Do not iron directly on design.